Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Pidgin Bible Proverbs na di book of proverbs  forp language or pidgin English. (Holy Pidgin Bible). Pidgin proverbs na di pidgin proverbs of king Solomon and some oda writers.

  • Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

    1st Corinthians Chapter 5

    Pursue Di Corrupt Broda Komot! 1. Dem don tell me sey una dey sex anyhow, di kain tin wey even world-pipo sef no dey do: Pesin climb hin papa wife. 2. And una dey make- mouth! Abi una no suppose feel bad—con pursue dat pesin wey do dat kain tin—komot from where una dey? 3. Even if I no dey wit una face to face, my spirit dey wit una. And I don already judge di pesin wey do dat kain tin, as if I dey there. 4. Wen una go gada togeda in di name of awa Oga Jesus, and my spirit dey wit una—wit di pawa of awa…

  • Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

    John Chapter 19

    Dem Sentence Jesus To Death 1. Naso Pilate sey make dem flog Jesus. 2. Di sojas use shuku- shuku take make crown put for hin head. Dem wear am purple cloth. 3. Dem con meet am again and again, con dey tok sey, “Cut- cap for di king of di Jews!” And dem nack am for face. 4. Naso Pilate come out again con tell di Jews sey, “See, I dey bring am come out to come meet una—to let una know sey I no see anytin bad wey dis man don do.” 5. Wen Jesus come outside wit shuku-shuku crown and purple cloth, Pilate tell dem sey, “Na di…

  • Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

    John Chapter 15

    Di Tree And Di Branches 1. “Na me be di original tree, and na my Papa be di gardner. 2. He dey cut everi branch komot from my body, wey no gree produce fruit, but he dey trim everi branch wey dey produce fruit, so dat e go produce more fruit. 3. Una don already dey clean—wit di message wey I don tell una. 4. Stay inside me and I go stay inside una. No branch fit produce fruit by esef; e must connect to di tree. And una sef no go fit produce fruit unless una connect to me. 5. “Na me be di vine tree, and na una…

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