Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Dis na di Book of Psalm for pidgin language. Na Psalms of king David for pidgin English. Psalms for Pidgin Bible dey easy to read and understand.

  • Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

    Isaiah Chapter 33

    Baba-God Level High Wahala for you if you dey obtain pipo—and pipo neva obtain you. Wahala for you wey dey do magomago for pipo—and pipo neva do you magomago! Wen you stop to dey obtain pipo nahin pesin go obtain you. And wen you don stop to dey do mago-mago, nahin pipo go con do you magomago. Chai Chineke (Baba-God), show us your grace, we don put awa hope on you. I wan make you be awa pawa everi day, and save us from di time of wahala. Wen di pipo hear di noise of di kata-kata, dem run, di nations scata wen you carry yoursef go up. Just as…

  • Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

    Psalm Chapter 150

    Praise Baba-God Praise Baba-God! Praise Baba-Godinside hin holy-place; praise am inside di big heaven of hin pawa! Praise am for hin pawaful works; praise am based-on hin ogbonge greatness. Praise am wit sound of trumpet, praise am wit lute and harp [musical instruments]. Praise am wit sheke-sheke plus dancing, praise am wit strings and flute! Praise am wit di sound of cymbals.Praise am wit cymbals wey dem dey nack togeda. Make everitin wey dey breath praiseBaba-God. Make una praise Baba-God.

  • Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

    Psalm Chapter 149

    Dis Na Hymn Of Praise Praise Baba-God, sing new song forBaba-God, and sing about hin praise for where hin holy-pipo gada put. Make Israel happy for di God wey make am; make di pipo of Zion dey happy for dia King. Make dem praise hin name wit dancing, and make dem praise am wit sheke-sheke, plus harp. Baba-God belle dey sweet am for hinpipo, he go use salvation take make low-key pipo fine. Make di holy-pipo happy wit levels, con sing out on top of dia beds. Make Baba-God high praise dey for dia mouth, and make sword wey get two side dey for dia hand, to pay back di…

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