• Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 22

    Di River Of Life 1. Naso di angel show me di pure river of di water of life, e clear like crystal, e dey flow from Baba-God, and king-chair of di Lamb. 2. E dey flow go di middle of di great street of di city. Di tree of life stand for di sides of di river, e dey produce twelve different fruits, e dey bring fresh fruit everi month, and di leave of di tree na medicine for di healing of di nations. 3. Curse no go dey again. Baba-God king-chair plus di king-chair of di Lamb go dey for di city, and hin servants go serve am. 4.…

  • Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 21

    Di New Jerusalem 1. I con see new heaven plus new earth, and di old heaven plus di old earth don pass go, and di big-river no dey again. 2. I see di Holy city, di new Jerusalem dey come down from heaven, from Baba-God, dem prepare am like woman wey wan marry—wey dem dress well-well for her husband. 3. I con hear one loud voice from di king-chair wey tok sey, “Now Baba-God don dey stay among hin pipo, he go live wit dem. Dem go be hin pipo, and Baba-God hinsef go dey wit dem, con be dia God. 4. Baba-God go wipe everi water komot from dia…

  • Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 20

    Di Thousand Years 1. I con see one angel dey come down from heaven, he carry di key of di deep-pit, and he hold one heavy chain for hin hand. 2. He catch di dragon, dat olden days snake—wey be di Devil, and Satan, con tie am for one thousand years. 3. Di angel throway am for inside deep-pit, he close am, con lock am—so dat Satan no go play di nations wayo again, until di one thousand years don finish. Afta dat, dem go free am small. 4. I con see king-chair wey pipo wey dem don give pawa to judge—sidon put, and I see di souls of those…

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