• Zechariah

    Zechariah Chapter 14

    Di Day of Baba-God See, Baba-God day dey come—wen dem go share una property for una front. I go gada all di nations face Jerusalem to fight against am; dem go catch di city, dem go check all di houses, and dem  go rape di women. Half of di city go run go foreign land, but dem no go fit cut di rest of di pipo komot from di city. Naso Baba-God go go out to fight against those nations, as he take dey fight for di days of war. On dat day, hin leg go stand for di Mountain of Olives— east of Jerusalem, and di Mountain of Olives…

  • Zechariah

    Zechariah Chapter 13

     Di End of Worshipping Idols On dat day, water wey dey flow go open for di House of David, plus di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem, to clean dem from dia sins plus dia yama-yama. “E go happun on dat day, sey I go komot di names of di idols from di land, and no pesin go remember dem again,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “I go still pursue both di prophets and di spirits wey no clean—komot  from di land. And e go happun sey, if any pesin still dey prophesy, hin  papa and hin mama wey born am go tell am sey, ‘You must die,  becos you don…

  • Zechariah

    Zechariah Chapter 12

          Baba-God Go Save Jerusalem Dis na Baba-God word about Israel. Baba-God wey  stretch di heavens go out, and wey lay di foundations of di earth, and wey dey form man spirit inside am, tok sey: “See, I go make Jerusalem be like cup of ogogoro wey go make di nations wey dey around dey stagger—wen dem send dia armies to surround Jerusalem plus Judah. On dat day, wen all di nations of di earth gada against  her, I go turn Jerusalem to rock wey no fit move. All di nations  go gada against  am to try to move  am, but dem go surely wound demsef. On dat day, I…

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