Pidgin English

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Pidgin Bible or pidgin English Bible na di holy Bible wey dem translate to pidgin English. Even though dem get pidgin for plenty kontris, na Africa and Nigeria be di home of pidgin English.

Dem get Ghanaian Pidgin English, Cameroonian Pidgin English, Gabon Pidgin, Hawaii Pidgin English, Nigerian Pidgin English and oda kind of Pidgin English for Africa and round di world, but Africa nahin dey speak Pidgin pass for the whole world, and Africans understand demsef well-well wit Pidgin English. Plenty languages brekete for Africa, nahin make we con sabi Pidgin English well-well. And di pidgin wey dem dey speak for Africa sweet well-well for mouth.

Becos Africa get plenty languages, di blending of all dis language wit English don make am form one kain special Pigin English wey di whole world wan learn now. E dey easy to read and understand and e sweet to speak for mouth.

Pidgin English na di simple language wey everi pesin fit speak and understand, both young and old. More dan 250 million pipo dey speak Pidgin English.

Nahin make us decide sey we go translate di bible to Pidgin English, so dat everi pesin go fit read, con understand wetin di bible dey tok. If you read dis pidgin English bible, you go enjoy am well-well pass di traditional English language.

Evensef, you fit visit the website Dis pidgin bible go epp you sabi speak and understand pidgin English well-well.

Pidgin English Bible don dey spread fast-fast and plenty churches, Christians, plus different-different pipo like am well-well. All di big-big gramma wey dey for King James version and oda versions of di bible no dey inside dis Pidgin English Bible.

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