• Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 50

        Dem Cry For Jacob And Dem Bury Am Joseph throw hin sef for hin papa body, con dey  cry and dey kiss am. So Joseph tok sey make dem embalm hin papa  Israel. Naso dem embalm am. Na forty days dem use becos na di time wey dem  dey use embalm pesin be dat. And di Egyptians  cry [mourn] for am for seventy days. Wen di days of crying [mourn] don pass, Joseph meet Pharaoh advisers, con tok sey, “Abeg make una do  dis favour for me—to epp me tok to Pharaoh. Tell am sey my papa make me swear oath. He tok  sey,‘I go soon kpeme, bury me for…

  • Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 49

    Jacob Bless Hin Sons So Jacob call hin sons, con tell dem sey: “Make una gada round, so dat I go fit tell una wetin go happun to una for di days wey dey come. Gada make una listen—una wey be di sons of  Jacob; listen to una papa Israel. “Reuben, na you be my firstborn, my pawa, di first sign of my pawa, you get levels well-well, you get pawa well-well. You stubborn like water, you no go get levels again becos you enta your papa bed, and you  corrupt am by sleeping wit my side-chick. Simeon and Levi na brodas—dia weapon na  tool for killing. I no wish…

  • Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 48

        Jacob Bless Joseph Sons                                           Lata, dem con tell Joseph sey, “Your papa no well.” So he carry hin two sons Manasseh plus  Ephraim follow body. Wen dem tell Jacob sey, “Your pikin Joseph don come meet you,” naso Israel gada hin pawa, con sidon on top of bed. Jacob tell Joseph sey, “Baba-God Almighty show-face to me for Luz for di land of Canaan, and he bless me for there, Naso he tell me sey, ‘I go make you prosper and  plenty. I go turn you to plenty-plenty pipo, and I go give dis land as everlasting property—to your  pikin-pikin-pikin wey go come afta you.’ “So now you go count…

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