• Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 47

      Josehp Na Di Govnor Of Egypt So Joseph go tell Pharaoh sey, “My papa and my  brodas wit dia malu, sheep and goats, plus everitin wey dem get—don come from di land of Canaan, and dem dey for Goshen now.” He choose five of hin brodas wey he carry go meet Pharaoh. Pharaoh con ask hin brodas sey, “Wetin be una  work?” Naso dem ansa Pharaoh, “We your servants dey train animals just like awa papa-papa-papa.” Dem still tell am sey, “We don come stay for here  small, becos di hunger serious well-well for Canaan, and we no get food for awa animals. So now, abeg, allow your servants…

  • Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 46

    Jacob Go Egypt So Israel enta road wit everitin wey he get, and wen he reach Beersheba, he offer sacrifice to di God of hin papa Isaac. Baba-God con follow Israel tok for vision for night, “Jacob! Jacob!” Jacob ansa, “Na me be dis.” Naso Baba-God tok sey, “Na me be Baba-God, di God of your papa-papa-papa, no fear to go Egypt, becos I go turn you to big nation for there. I go follow you go Egypt, and I go surely carry you come back again. And Joseph go dey wit you to close your eyes wit hin hand.” Naso Jacob komot from Beersheba, and all  Israel pikin carry…

  • Genesis

    Genesis Chapter 45

    Joseph Let Dem Know Who He Really Be Joseph no con fit control hinsef again for front of all hin servants, naso he halla, “Make everi pesin komot from my front.” So no pesin dey wit Joseph wen he tell hin brodas sey nahin be Joseph. He cry loud well-well sote di Egyptians hear am, and Pharaoh family hear about di mata. Joseph con tell hin brodas sey, “Na me be Joseph! My papa still dey alive?” But hin brodas no fit ansa am, becos dem con dey fear as dem stand for hin front. Joseph tell hin brodas sey, “Make una come near me.” Wen dem shift near am,…

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