Deuteronomy Chapter 33

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Moses Blessings For Israel

  1. Na dis be di blessing wey Moses wey be man of God  bless di pikins of Israel before he die.
  2. And he tok sey: “Baba-God come from mountain Sinai; he rise like sun on top of Edom, and he shine on hin pipo from mountain Paran. Ten thousand angels dey wit am, faya wey dey burn dey for hin right hand.
  3. Baba-God love hin pipo; all Hin holy-pipo dey for hin hand; dem dey bow down for hin leg. And dem dey obey hin words.
  4. Moses give us law, wey be special property of di pipo of Israel.
  5. Baba-God con be king for Jeshurun, wen di leaders of di pipo gada togeda, wen all di tribes of Israel gada togeda.
  6. “Make Reuben live and make he no die, and make  hin men no ever small.”
  7. And he tok dis tin about Judah: “Baba-God hear di  voice of Judah, and bring am to hin pipo; make hin hand dey enuff for am, and make you epp am against hin enemies.”
  8. And he tok dis tin about Levi “Make your Thummim  plus your Urim dey wit your faithful servants wey be di Levites. You test dem for for Massah, and you kwanta wit dem for di water of Maribah;
  9. Di Levites obey your word and dem guard your agreement. Dem choose you instead of dia papa and mama. Dem fashi dia family-pipo, and dem no even send dia own pikin.
  10. Dem go teach Jacob your laws, con teach Israel to follow your ways. Dem go burn incense for your front, con burn full sacrifice for your altar.
  11. Bless di ministry of di Levites, oh Baba-God, and accept all di works of dia hands. Nack dia enemies  for where e go pain dem pass; strike down dia enemies so dat dem no go fit rise up again.”
  12. And he tok dis tin about Benjamin: “Baba-God love di pipo of Benjamin, and dem dey live wit peace near Baba-God. Baba-God dey always surround dem, and he dey save dem from evil.”
  13. And he tok dis tin about Joseph: “Make Baba-God bless dia land wit beta-beta gifts of dew from heaven, and water wey dey flow from under ground;
  14. Wit di beta fruit wey dey grow for sun, plus di plenty  beta harvest wey di land dey produce everi month;
  15. Wit di finest plants of di old mountains, and from di  yanfu-yanfu from di everlasting hills;
  16. Wit di best gifts of di earth plus everitin wey dey inside am, and di favour of Baba-God wey show-face for di bush wey dey burn. Make dis blessings rest of Joseph head, and on top of di head of di pesin wey separate from hin brodas [as prince].’
  17. Joseph get di pawa of young malu, di horn of bush [wild] malu. Hin horn na di thousand of Manasseh, Plus di ten thousands of Ephraim. Na dem he dey use take push di pipo reach di end of di earth.
  18. Moses tok dis tin about di tribes of Zebulun and Isaachar: “Make di pipo of Zebulun prosper as dem dey travel. Make di pipo of Isaachar propser for dia house.
  19. Dem go call di pipo come di mountain [mountain Carmel], to come give di correct sacrifices of goodness for there. Dem go chop from di beta-beta-tins of di big-river, plus di beta-beta-tins wey hide for sand-sand.”
  20. And Moses tok dis tins about di tribe of Gad: “Praise Baba-God wey make dia land big. Gad dey  wait like lion to tear pesin hand or head.
  21. Dem take di best land for demsef; dem give dem di  leader share. Dem obey wetin Baba-God tok, plus hin laws wen di leaders of Israel gada togeda.
  22. And Moses tok dis tins about Dan. “Dan na young lion wey dey jump out from Bashan.”
  23. And he tok dis tin about di tribe of Naphtali “Baba-God blessings brekete wit Naphtali, and Baba-God favour am well-well. He go claim di land  of di west plus south.”
  24. And he tok dis tin about di tribe of Asher: “Baba-God bless Asher pass di oda tribes. Make he be di   best among hin brodas, and make hin land brekete  wit olive trees.
  25. Your sandals go be iron plus bronze, make your strenght long like your days.”
  26. Pipo of Israel, no god be like una God, wey dey ride  wit levels pass di sky, wey dey ride come from di cloud to come epp una.
  27. Baba-God wey dey forever nahin una dey always hide una head put, and hin everlasting hand dey support una. He dey pursue una enemies from una  front; he dey shout, ‘Scata dem!’
  28. So Israel go live wit peace, Jacob dey live wit no wahala for land wey burku wit food and new wine, and even di sky dey drop wit water.
  29. Una be happy pipo, oh Israel! Which oda pipo be like una, pipo wey Baba-God save. Nahin be di shield wey dey epp una [nahin dey protect una], and nahin be una sword wey get levels. Una enemies go sempe for una front, and una go march dia shines for high places.”


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