Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 71

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Di Prayer Of Senior-man

  1. Oh Baba-God, na you I dey trust; make
    shame no ever catch me.
  2. Save me inside your goodness, and epp me escape. Hear me, and free me.
  3. Be my rock wey I dey always hide my
    head put, you don give your word to save me, na you be my rock and strong-house.
  4. Free me, Oh my God—from wicked
    pipo hand, and from evil men, plus wicked men.
  5. Oh Baba-God, na you be my hope, na
    you I dey trust since wen I be youth.
  6. Since dem born me, na you don keep me; you bring me come out from my mama belle. Na you I go always praise.
  7. Many pipo dey wonder becos of me, but na you be my strong- house.
  8. Make my mouth burku wit your praise,
    and wit your glory—from morning till night.
  9. No fashi me wen I don old; no leave
    me—wen I no-get-pawa again.
  10. My enemies dey bad-mouth me; and
    pipo wey dey wait to take my life dey plan togeda.
  11. Dem tok sey, “Baba-God don komot
    from hin side; pursue am make we catch am; no-pesin fit save am.”
  12. Oh Baba-God, no dey far from me;
    sharp-sharp come epp me!
  13. Make di enemies of my life confuse, and make dem kpeme; make shame plus disgrace catch all those pipo wey wan wound me.
  14. But as for me, I go kontinu to hope, I go always praise you more- more.
  15. My mouth go tok about your
    goodness—from morning till night, becos I no-fit count dem finish.
  16. I go move wit di pawa of Baba-God, I go tok only about your goodness.
  17. Oh Baba-God, since wen I be small
    pikin, na you don dey teach me, and reach today—I go tok about your ogbonge works.
  18. Even wen I don old wit white hair for my head—no fashi me, oh Baba-God; until I show your strength to di next generation, and your pawa to pikin wey dem neva born.
  19. Your goodness high well- well, oh Baba-God—you wey don do big-big tins. Who be like you, oh Baba-God?
  20. You wey don make me see plenty and serious wahala—go ginger me again, and you go raise me up again from under ground.
  21. You go add-join my greatness, con cool me down from everi side.
  22. Becos of your faithfulness, I go praise you wit lute, oh my God; I go sing praises to you wit harp, oh Holy One of Israel.
  23. My lips go sing wit serious happiness wen I sing for you—plus my soul wey you don save.
  24. My tongue sef go tok about your correct works— f rom morning till night, shame and katakata don meet those pipo wey wan wound me.


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