Genesis 21

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Dem Born Isaac

  1. Baba-God con meet Sarah as he tok, and Baba-God do  wetin he tok sey he go do for Sarah.
  2. Sarah get-belle con born boy for Abraham for hin old  age, for di time we he set, wey Baba-God don yarn am about.
  3. And Abraham call di name of di pikin wey Sarah born  for am—Isaac.
  4. And Abraham circumcise hin pikin for di eighth day as  Baba-God command am.
  5. Abraham be hundred years old wen Sarah born hin pikin—Isaac.
  6. So Sarah tok sey, “Baba-God don make me laff, so dat  everi pesin wey hear am go laff wit me.”
  7. She con tok sey, “Who for fit tell Abraham sey—Sarah go born pikin for am? I don born pikin for am for old age.”

Dem pursue Hagar Plus Ishmael Komot

8. Di pikin con dey grow and he stop to dey suck breast. So Abraham throw big party—di same day wen Isaac  stop to dey suck breast.

9. Sarah con see Hagar pikin—di Egyptian wey she born  for Abraham—he dey laff her.

10. So Sarah tell Abraham sey, “See I wan make you pursue Hagar and her pikin komot, becos di pikin of di slave girl no go fit share property wit my pikin—Isaac.”

11. And di tin pain Abraham becos of hin son.

12. Baba-God con tell Abraham sey, “No let di mata pain  you becos of your pikin and becos of your slave woman. Do everitin wey Sarah don tell you to do. Na  inside Isaac dem go take count your pikin.

13. Your pikin from your slave woman sef go form hin  own nation becos na your seed.

14. So Abraham stand up early mor-mor. He carry bread  and bottle of water give Hagar, he carry am put for her shoulder, plus Ishmael, con send her komot. So she komot, con dey waka for di desert of Beer-sheba.

15. Di water con finish for di bottle, so she put di pikin  under one tree.

16. And she sidon far small. Naso she tell hersef sey, “I no fit stand to see sey my pikin die.” As she dey sidon for there, she con star to dey cry.

17. Naso Baba-God hear di pikin voice, and Baba-God angel call Hagar from heaven, con tell her sey, “Wetin  dey worry your mind—Hagar? No dey fear. Baba-God  don hear di voice of your pikin from where he dey.

18. Stand up make you carry di pikin for your hand, becos I go make am turn to ogbonge nation.”

19. Naso Baba-God open her eyes, she con see well wit  water; she go, con full di bottle wit water and she carry am give her pikin to drink.

So Baba-God dey wit di pikin. He grow, con dey stay  for di desert, he con sabi shoot arrow.

21. He stay for di desert of Paran: and hin mama fyne  wife for am from Egypt. Abimelech Make Agreement Wit Abraham.

22. E con happun

sey dat time, Abimelech and Phichol wey be di  chief captain of all hin army, con tell Abraham sey, “Baba-God dey wit you for everitin wey you dey do.
23. Now I wan make you swear to me for here wit Baba-God, sey you no go play me wayo, or play my son wayo, or my pikin-pikin, but based-on di good-heart wey I don show you—nahin yousef go show me, and even di land where you don travel go.”

24. Abraham con tok sey, “I go swear.”

25. And Abraham complain to Abimelech about one well  wey Abimelech servants bin sieze.

26. So Abimelech tok sey, “I no know about dis mata. You  no tell me about am, and na di first time wey I dey hear about am be dis.”

Naso Abraham carry sheep plus malu, con give  Abimelech, and di two of dem make agreement.

28. Abraham separate seven small sheep from hin  animals,

29. Abimelech con ask Abraham sey, “Why you separate  di seven small-sheep?”

30. Abraham ansa am sey, “Collect dis seven small sheep. By doing dis tin, you don confam sey na me dig di  well.”

31. So he call dat place Beer-sheba, becos na for there di  two of dem swear.

32. Naso dem make agreement for Beer-sheba. So Abimelech stand up wit Phichol wey be di chief captain of all hin army, and dem go back to di land of  di Philistines.

Abraham plant trees for Beer-sheba, and na for  there he call Baba-God name—di everlasting God.

34. Abraham con travel for di Philistine land for many  days.


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