2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 8

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Di Shunammite Get Her Land Back

  1. Elisha bin tell di woman wey he bring back her son to life sey, “Komot wit your family go stay small for any where wey you fit stay, becos Baba-God don tok sey hunger go dey for di land for seven years.”
  2. Naso di woman carry-go, con do wetin di man of God tok. She plus her family komot, con go stay for di land of di Philistines for seven years.
  3. For di end of di seven years, she come back from di land of di Philistines, con go meet di king to beg for her land and house.
  4. Di king bin dey follow Gehazi tok—wey be di man of God servant, and he tok sey, “Gist me about all di ogbonge tins wey Elisha don do.”
  5. Just as Gehazi dey gist di king how Elisha take bring dead pesin back to life, di woman wey Elisha bin bring back her son to life just show-face, to come beg di king for her house plus land. Naso Gehazi tok sey, “Dis na di woman, my oga di king, and na dis be her pikin wey Elisha bring back to life.”
  6. Di king ask di woman about di mata, and she tell am. So di king put one officer to dey in charge of her mata, con tell am sey, “Give her back everitin wey belong to her, plus all di moni from her land—from di day wey she komot from di kontri—till today.”

Hazael Kill Ben-Hadad

7. Elisha go Damascus, and Ben-Hadad wey be di king of Syria dey sick. Wen dem tell di king sey, “Di man of God don come from far-far to dis place,”

8. He tell Hazael sey, “Take gift wit you and go meet di man of God. Ask Baba-God tru di man; ask am, “I go heal from dis sickness?’ ”

9. Hazael go meet Elisha, he carry gift follow body—forty camels wey dem load wit di finest tins from Damascus and he go meet Elisha. Wen Elisha meet am, he tok sey, “Your pikin king Ben-hadad don send me come meet you to ask you whether or not he go he go heal from hin sickness.”

10. Elisha ansa sey, “Go tell am sey. ‘You go surely heal’; but Baba-God don show me sey he go kpeme.”

11. He look am well-well sote Hazael con dey shame. Naso di man of God con dey cry.

12. Hazael ask am, “Why my oga con dey cry.” Elisha con ansa am, “Becos I know how you go take wound di pipo of Israel, you go put faya for dia strong cities, you go kill dia young men wit sword, con nack dia small-small pikin for ground, con tear dia women open—women wey get belle.”

13. Hazael con tok sey, “How your servant wey just be ordinary dog go take do dat kain tin?” Elisha ansa am sey, “Baba-God don show me sey na you go be di king of Syria.”

14. So Hazael komot from Elisha go back to hin oga. Wen Ben-Hadad ask am sey, “Wetin Elisha tell you?” Hazael ansa am sey, “He tell me sey you go surely heal.”

15. But di next day, he carry thick cloth, he soak am inside water, con spread am cover di king face. So di king die. And Hazael con take hin place as king.

Jehoram Di King of Judah

16. For di fifth year of Joram wey be di son of Ahab, king of Israel; wen Jehoshaphat be king of Judah, Jehoram wey be di son of Jehoshaphat con climb di king-chair as king for hin papa position.

17. He be thirty-two year old wen he climb di king-chair, and he reign for Jerusalem for eight years.

18. He follow di traditions of di king of Israel, as di house of Ahab bin do, and he marry Ahab daughter. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes.

19. But becos of hin servant David, Baba-God no get am for mind to scata Judah. He bin promise to maintain lamp for David and hin pikin-pikin-pikin forever.

20. For di time of Jehoram, Edom change-am-for Judah, con put dia own king.

21. So Jehoam go Zair wit all hin horse-moto. He stand up for night, con attack di Edomites wey bin surround him plus di captains of hin horse-moto; but hin sojas con run go dia house.

22. Edom con turn against Judah reach today. Libnah rebel di same time sef.

23. As for di oda tins wey happun as Jehoram be king, plus everitin wey he do—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Judah.

24. Jehoram rest wit hin ancestors and dem bury am wit hin papa-papa-pap for di city of David. So Ahaziah hin son take hin position as king.

Ahaziah Wey Be King of Judah

25. For di twelfth year of Joram wey be di son of Ahab—di king of Israel, Ahaziah wey be di son of Jehoam—king of Judah start to reign as king.

26. Ahaziah na twenty-two years old wen he turn to king, and he reign for Jerusalem for one year. Hin mama name na Athaliah wey be di grand-daughter of Omri—king of Israel.

27. He follow di ways of di house of Ahab, and he do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, just as di house of Ahab bin do, becos he marry from Ahab family.

28. Ahaziah follow Joram wey be di son of Ahab—to fight war against Hazael wey be di king of Syria, for Ramoth Gilead. And di Syrians wound Joram;

29. So king Joram go back to Jezreel to heal from hin wound wey di Syrians wound am for Ramoth, wen dem fight wit Hazael wey be di king of Syria. So Ahaziah wey be di son of Jehoram, di king of Judah con go Jezreel to see Joram wey be di son of Ahab, becos dem don wound am.


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