Psalm (Pidgin Bible)

Psalm Chapter 4

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To di music producer. Wit music
instrument wey get string. Dis na Psalm of
David. Ansa me wen I dey call you, chai
Baba-God wey be my good God. You don
cool me from my wahala; sorry-for
me—con hear my prayer.

  1. Chai man pikin, how long una go dey
    turn Baba-God glory to disgrace? How
    long una go dey love yeye tins, con dey
    follow wetin no be true?
  2. I wan make una know sey Baba-God don
    choose faithful pipo for hinsef; Baba-God go
    hear me wen I call am.
  3. No do bad tin becos you dey vex; wen
    you dey for bed—look inside your heart,
    make you dey quite.
  4. Give di correct sacrifices, con trust
  5. Many pipo dey ask, “Who go fit show us
    beta life? Make di light wey dey your
    face—shine upon us, oh Baba-God.
  6. You don make my heart brekete
    wit jolly-jolly—even pass pipo wey
    get full harvest of food, and drinks.
  7. I go lie down sleep wit alafia,
    becos na only you dey keep my life safe.


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