Isaiah Chapter 29

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Wahala For Jerusalem

  1. “Wahala for Ariel, for Ariel, di city wey David stay. You dey celebrate your festival year afta year.
  2. But I go still suffer Ariel, and sadness plus sorrow go dey, becos Jerusalem go turn to wetin her name ‘Ariel’ mean—altar wey dey dem cover wit blood.
  3. I go camp round una and against una, I go surround una wit tall-wall.
  4. And I go bring una down, sote una go dey tok from inside ground, una words go low from dust. Una voice go be like spirit from ground, and una voice go dey tok-small-small from dust.
  5. Evensef una plenty wicked enemies go grind like dust, and di pipo wey dey attack una go komot like chaff wey breeze dey blow komot. Yes, before you know—e go happun kpakpakpa.
  6. Baba-God Almighty go visit una wit thunder plus earthquake, and serious noise, wit heavy-breeze and strong-breeze, and faya wey dey burn well-well.
  7. Naso all di plenty nations wey dey fight against Ariel (Jerusalem), even all of dem wey dey fight against her and her strong-house, and all of dem wey dey cos palava for her—dem go vanish like dream of vision for night.
  8. E go even be like wen hungry man dey dream, and he go dey chop, but wen he wake up—hin belle still dey empty. Or like wen man wey water dey hungry—con drink water for hin dream, but wen he wake up, he go just faint, and hin soul dey hungry: naso all di plenty nations go be—wey dey fight against mountain Zion.”

      Di Blindness of Disobeying

9. Stop and calm down to reason (reason dis prophecy)! If una like make una do like sey una close una eyes from di prophecy. Dem don high [jodogo] like mumu, but no be beer high dem; dem dey fall but no be ogogoro cos am.

10. Becos Baba-God don pour di spirit of deep sleep for una body, and he don close una eyes, di eyes of di prophets, and even una pipo wey sabi see visions.

11. Naso all of una visions don be like di word of book wey close, like book wey dem give pesin wey know-book, con tell am sey, ‘Abeg read am.’ And he go tok sey, ‘I no fit read am becos dem close am.’

12. So dem give di book to pesin wey no-know-book, con tell am sey, ‘Read am abeg.’ And he go ansa, ‘I no sabi book.’

13. Baba-God con tok sey, “As long as dis pipo dey worship me for dia mouth, and dia lips dey respect me, but dia hearts dey for anoda place, and dia religion na just rules wey human being arrange;

14. So, make una listen well-well, I go do wonders and ogbonge tins among dis pipo again, even great tins wey go make dem shout ‘okokobioko’; and di wisdom of dia wise men go scata, and di understanding of dia wise men go kpanji (hide).

15. Wahala for those pipo wey dey try to hide dia coded plan from Baba-God, and dia works dey for inside darkness! Dem go tok sey, “Who dey see us, or sabi wetin dem dey do?”

16. Dem dey turn everitin upside down wit dia bend-bend way. Abi clay get levels pass di artist? Abi sometin wey you make fit tell you sey, “No be you make me?” Abi sometin wey you form fit tell you sey, “You no sabi wetin you dey do?”

Cleaning of Good Pipo

17. Abi no be small time and Lebanon go turn to field wey dey produce plenty fruit, and di field wey dey produce fruit go get levels like forest?

18. And on dat day, pesin wey deaf go hear di word of di book, and eyes wey blind go see from inside di katakata and darkness.

19. Pipo wey dey live jeje life sef go happy more-more inside Baba-God, and di poor among men go happy inside di Holy One of Israel.

20. Wicked pipo go turn to notin, pipo wey dey yab una go kpeme, and all those pipo wey dey plan evil go die—

21. those pipo wey dey lie for pesin head, those pipo wey dey attack pipo wey dey fight for justice, and those pipo wey dey carry mata put for innocent pesin head to komot hin justice.

22. So Baba-God wey save Abraham don tok about di house of Jacob—sey, “Shame no go catch my pipo again, and dia face no go dull again wit fear.

23. But wen dem see all hin pikin around am, wey be di work of your hands, dem go confam sey my name holy, dem go tok sey di Holy One of Jacob holy, and dem go fear Baba-God of Israel.

24. Even those pipo wey waka-miss road inside dia spirit, go con understand, and those pipo wey dey complain go learn di teaching.


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