Isaiah Chapter 44

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Baba-God Don Choose Israel

  1. But make una still hear, Oh Jacob my servant, and Israel wey I don choose.
  2. Naso Baba-God wey make you tok, and wey form you from inside your mama belle, wey go epp you. “No dey fear Oh Jacob my servant, and you –Jeshuru wey I don choose.
  3. Becos I no go pour water on di pesin wey water dey hungry, plus plenty rain for dry ground; I go pour my Spirit on your pikin, con put my blessings on your pikin.”
  4. Dem go grow like sey dem dey among grass, like plant wey dey near water.
  5. One go tok sey sey, ‘I belong to Baba-God.’ Anoda one go tok sey, ‘My name na Jacob.’ Anoda one go write Baba-God name for dia hand, con tok sey hin name na Israel.”

Di Only One God

6. Naso Baba-God tok –wey be di king of Israel, and di Saviour, Baba-God Almighty, “Na me be di first and na me be di last, and apart from me no oda God dey.

7. Who fit be like me? Make he tok, con confam hin yarnings for my front. Make he do di tins wey I don do since olden days wen I make pipo, con tok about di tins wey go happun for future.

8. Make una no dey fear, or no let your mind dey cut: abi I neva tell una from dat time, and I no tok am? Evensef na una be my witness. Abi anoda God dey apart from me. Yes, no oda God dey; I no know any one.

To Worship Idols Na Mumu Level

9. All di pipo wey dey make idols dey useless, and dem no go gain anytin from di idols wey dem count as beta tin. Pipo wey dey worship idols na blind pipo, and dem no sabi wetin dem dey do, so shame go catch dem las-las.

10. Which pesin don make hin own god, or idol wey no fit epp am at-all-at-all?

11. See, shame go catch all di pipo wey dey worship idols, plus all dis ordinary men wey dey make di idols. Make all of dem gada togeda con stand up, but dem go fear, and shame go catch all of dem togeda.

12. Di blacksmith wit hin tool to carry coal from faya. He go use hin hammers take form idol, as he dey nack am and dey shape am wit all hin pawa. He dey work sote he go taya, he dey hungry, water go dey hungry am, and he even wan faint.

13. Naso di carpenter go stretch hin ruler, he go draw hin line, con carve am wit hin tool, and he go mark am wit compass, con form am to human being shape, like di image of pesin wey fine; so dat he go keep am for house.

14. He go cut cedar tree for hinsef, he go select cypress plus oak; con make am grow strong among di tress for forest. He go plant ash tree and di rain go water am.

15. He go use part of am as fuel for faya, he go use some for faya to warm hinsef, he go use am set faya-wood to bake bread, and he go use some of di wood take make gods, con dey worship am; he go turn am to image and he go dey bow down for am.

16. He go make faya wit some of di wood; he go use part of am take roast meat; he go roast meat, con chop belleful. He go warm hinsef, con tok sey, “Ah, my body don warm! I don see beta faya!”

17. Den he go carry wetin remain to make hin gods; idol wey he carve! He go bow down for front of am, con dey worship, and pray to am sey, “Save me, na you be my god!”

18. Dem neva know and dem neva understand, becos he don close dia eyes so dat dem no fit see, and he don close dia hearts—sote dem no fit understand.

19. None of dem dey reason for dia heart, and dem no sabi or get di understanding to tok sey, ‘I burn don part of am for faya, con use some of di charcoal take make my bread. I don roast my meat, con chop am. So I go con use di rest of di wood take make idol? Abi I go bow down to worship piece of wood?”

20. He dey chop ashes: hin heart don scam am sote he no fit save hinsef, or tok sey, ‘Abi dis idol wey dey for my right hand no be scam?’

Baba-God No Fashi Israel

21. Remember dis tin, oh Jacob and Israel, becos you be my servants; na me form una; una be my servants. Oh Israel, I no go forget you!

22. I don spit una sins komot like thick cloud, con spit una wrong tins like cloud. Come back to me becos I don save una.”

23. Oh, heavens—make una sing becos Baba-God don do am; una wey dey for di low part of di earth—dey shout: oh mountains, make una start to dey sing, oh forest, and everi tree wey dey for there; becos Baba-God don save Jacob, and he don give hinsef levels inside Israel.

24. Naso Baba-God tok, wey save you and wey form you for inside your mama belle, “Na me be di God wey make everitin, na only me stretch di heavens, and I spread di earth go far-far by mysef.

25. Na me dey disgrace fake prophets as lie-lie, and I dey turn jazzmen to mugu. I dey turn wise men advice upside down, con turn dia wisdom to mumu tin.

26. Na me dey confam di predictions of my prophets, and wey do di beta-words of my messengers; na me tell Jerusalem sey, ‘Pipo go live inside you,’ and to di cities of Judah, ‘Dem go build you, and I go build even di places wey don kpafuka.’

27. Na me tell di deep-deep water sey, ‘Make you dry,’ and I go make una rivers dry;

28. Na me tok about Cyprus sey, ‘He be my shepherd,’ and he go surely do everitin wey I like. Na me tok about Jerusalem sey, ‘Dem go build Jerusalem again,’ and na me tell Baba-God house sey ‘Dem go build your foundation.’


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