Isaiah Chapter 6

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Isaiah Vision About Baba-God Inside Hin Levels

  1. For di year wey king Uzziah kpeme, I con see Baba-God dey sidon for di king-chair, high and he dey up-up, and hin long cloth full di worship-place.
  2. Di seraphim stand on top; everi one of dem get six feathers. Dem use two take cover dia face, and di two oda feathers take cover dia legs, and wit di oda two nahin dem take dey fly.
  3. So dem con dey cry to demsef, “Holy, holy, be Baba-God Almighty holy, di whole earth brekete wit hin levels.
  4. Naso di pillars of di door shake, becos of di voice of di one wey dey cry, naso di house con brekete wit smoke.
  5. I con tok sey, “Wahala for me! My own don finish, becos I be man wey no get beta words for mouth, and I dey live among pipo wey sin dey for dia mouth. But my eyes don see di king, Baba-God Almighty.”
  6. So one of di seraphim fly come meet me, wey carry live coal for hin hand, wey e carry from di altar wit tool wey dem dey use pick sometin.
  7. He put am for my mouth, con tok sey, “See, dis tin don touch your lips, and your sin don komot, and your sin don flush.”

 Baba-God Send Isaiah

8. I con still hear Baba-God voice tok sey, “Who I go send, and who go go for us?” Naso I tok sey, “I dey for here, send me.”

9. Baba-God con tok sey, “Go tell dis pipo sey, ‘Una dey hear, but dem no understand, una dey look, but una no fit really see anytin.’

10. Make di hearts of dis pipo dull, and make dia ears dey heavy dem, and close dia eyes, or dem go see wit dia eyes, con hear wit dia ears, and understand wit dia heart, con change, and dem go heal.”

11. Den I tell Baba-God sey, “How long?” and he ansa me, “Until di cities turn to waste wit no pesin to stay inside dem, and dia houses go dey wit-out man, and di land go empty kpata-kpata,

12. And Baba-God don komot men go far-far, and pipo don fashi di land kpatakpata.

13. But even if one out of ten pipo remain wey survive, pipo go take-over dem again, con burn dem, just like terebinth tree or oak tree, wey e body go still dey afta dem cut am down. Naso di holy seed go be di body of di tree wey dem cut remain


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