2nd Corinthians

2nd Corinthians Chapter 6

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1. So, as pipo wey dey hustle for Baba-God togeda, we dey beg una—make una no collect Baba-God gift—con waste am.

2. He tok sey, “For time wey I ready to accept una, I hear una, and for di day of salvation, I epp una.” Baba-God don ready to accept una now. Today-today na di day of salvation.

Paul Suffer-head

3. We no dey offend any- pesin in any way—so dat pipo no go bad-mouth awa work. 4. Instead, for everitin, we dey confam awasef as servant of Baba-God; inside serious patience, wahala, suffer-head plus yawa,

5. wen dem beat us, wen we dey inside prison—inside katakata, hard work, nights wey we no fit sleep, and inside fasting.

6. We confam awasef wit awa pure heart, wit knowledge, wit patience, wit kindness; by di Holy Spirit, and by awa true love,

7. wit di words of truth, wit Baba-God pawa , wit di fighting-cloth of goodness—for right hand, and left hand;

8. We serve Baba-God, whether pipo respect us or disrespect us. Whether dem bad-mouth us or praise us, wen dem sey we be fake—even wen we be original.

9. Dem know us—but dem treat us like jjc; we near death—but we still dey alive, dem punish us—but dem no fit kill us,

10. we dey feel sad—but we still dey happy, we poor—but we still dey make plenty pipo rich; we no get shi-shi—but we get everitin.

11. Oh you Corinthians, we don open awa mouth, and heart to una.

12. We no dey hold una down, but na una love dey hold una.

13. Now, in return, I dey follow una tok like my pikin—make una open una heart to us sef.

No Mix Wit Word-pipo

14. E no balance for you to join yoursef togeda wit world-pipo. How goodness and wickedness take be padi? Abi light and darkness fit relate?

15. Which agreement Christ get wit Satan? Or wetin God-pipo dey rub-mind wit world-pipo for?

16. Which agreement Baba-God church get wit idols? Na you be di church of Baba-God wey dey live. As Baba-God don tok: “I go live wit dem and waka wit dem, I go be dia God, and dem go be my pipo.”

17. “So komot from among dem, and dey on your own—naso Baba-God tok, no touch anytin wey no clean and I go accept you.”

18. “I go be una Papa and una go be my pikin—naso Baba-God Almighty tok.”


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