Job Chapter 1

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           Di Testing of Job

  1. E get one man for di land of Uz, wey hin name na Job, di man dey perfect and hin way straight. He be pesin wey dey fear Baba-God, and he no like evil.
  2. He get 7 sons plus 3 daughters.
  3. He get 7,000 sheep, and 3,000 camels, plus 500 groups of two-two malu wey dey work for hin farm, and five hundred female donkeys, and hin house big well-well sote nahin be di greatest man for all di east.
  4. And hin son go do party for dia houses, everi one of dem for dia own day, and dem go invite dia three sistas to come chop and drink wit dem.
  5. So afta di days wey dem don flex finish, Job go wake up for early mor-mor, con offer sacrifice for everi single one of dem—to make dem pure. Job tok sey, “E fit be sey my pikin don commit sin, and dem don curse Baba-God for inside dia hearts.” Naso Job dey always do.
  6. Now e get one day wen Baba-God sons come show-face for Baba-God front, and Satan sef con show-face.
  7. So Baba-God ask Satan sey, “Where you dey come from?” Satan con tok sey, “I dey move upandan di earth, and from my waka-waka.”
  8. Baba-God con tell Satan sey, “You don reason my servant Job—sey no pesin be like am for earth, na perfect man wey get clean-heart, na man wey dey fear Baba-God and wey no like evil tins?”
  9. So Satan ansa Baba-God, “Abi Job dey fear Baba-God for notin?
  10. Abi you no build wall round am, and round hin house, and round everitin wey he get for everi side? You don bless hin handwork, and hin properties don brekete for di land.
  11. But use your hand take touch everitin wey he get, and he go curse you for your face.”
  12. So Baba-God tell Satan sey, “See, do anytin you like to everitin wey Job get, but no touch Job.” So Satan komot from Baba-God front.
  13. E get one day wen Job sons plus hin daughters dey chop and drink wine for dia senior broda house:
  14. So one messenger come meet Job, con tell am sey, “Your malu dey work for farm and di donkeys dey chop near dem.
  15. Naso di Sabeans attack us. Dem steal all di animals, con kill all di workers for di farm. Na only me escape to come tell you.”
  16. As he still dey tok, anoda messenger just show-face, con tok sey, “Baba-God faya don fall from heaven, and e don burn all your sheep—plus di servants, and e burn dem kpatakpata, but na only me fit escape to come tell you.”
  17. As he still dey tok, anoda messenger just show-face, con tok sey, “Di Chaldean come wit three groups, and dem carry di camels komot, yes, and dem kill di servants wit sword, and na only me fit escape to come tell you.”
  18. As he still dey tok, anoda servant just show-face sef, con tok sey, “Your sons and your daughters dey chop and drink wine for dia senior broda house.
  19. And before you know, one heavy-breeze from di desert just show—con nack di four corners of di house, and di house fall on di young men—naso dem take die. Na only me fit escape to come tell you.”
  20. Naso Job stand up con tear hin cloth. He shave hin head, con fall face ground to worship Baba-God.
  21. He con tok sey, “Na wit nakedness I take komot from my mama belle, and na nakedness I go take go back; Baba-God don give—and he don take am back; blessings for Baba-God name.”
  22. Inside all dis mata—Job no commit any sin, and he no change-am-for Baba-God like mumu.


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