1st John

1st John Chapter 2

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1. My smallie, I dey write dis tins to una, so dat una no go commit sin. But if any-pesin commit sin, we get pesin wey dey tok wit di Fada, to beg for us—na Jesus Christ wey pure,0.

2. Nahin be di sacrifice wey dey pay for awa sins, and no be for only awa sins, but for di sins of di whole world.

3. We know sey we don know am—if we obey wetin he tell us to do.

4. Pesin wey tok sey, “I know Baba-God,” but he no obey wetin Baba-God tok—na liar, and truth no dey inside am.

5. But if any-pesin obey hin word, Baba-God love true-true dey perfect inside am. Naso we go take know if we dey inside Baba-God:

6. Any-pesin wey tok sey e dey live inside Baba-God—must live hin life like Jesus.

7. Brodas, I no dey write una new commandment, but na di old one wey you know since di starting. Di old command na di yarnings wey you don hear from di beginning.

8. But I still dey write new commandment to you; e truth dey inside am, and inside una sef, becos darkness dey fade go, and di original light don already dey shine.

9. Any-pesin wey claim sey he dey inside di light—but hate hin broda still dey for inside darkness reach now.

10. Any-pesin wey love hin broda and sista, dey live inside di light, and notin inside am fit make pesin stagger.

11. But any-pesin wey hate hin broda-dey for inside darkness, and he dey waka upandan inside darkness. Dat kain pesin no know where e dey go, becos di darkness don blind hin eyes.

12. Smallie, I dey write to una, becos Baba-God don forgive una sins for di sake of Jesus Christ name.

13. I dey write to una fadas, becos una don know am—wey dey since di starting. I dey write to una young men, becos una don win di evil one. I dey write to una, small small pikin, becos una don know di Fada.

14. I don write to una fadas, becos una don know am wey dey from di beginning. I don write to una young men, becos una dey strong, and Baba-God word dey live inside una, and una don win di wicked one.

No Love Di World

15. No love di world or anytin wey dey inside di world. If any-pesin love di world, di love of di Fada no dey inside am.

16. Everitin wey dey for inside di world—di bad tins wey body dey scratch pipo to do, as dia eyes dey shuuk, and as dem dey make-mouth wit wetin dem get, and wetin dem don achieve; all dis tins no be from di Fada, but from di world.

17. Di world, plus all di sweet tins wey dey make pipo eyes dey shuuk—dey fade go, but di pesin wey dey do di tins wey Baba-God want—go live forever.

Warning Against Di Antichrists

18. My pikin, dis na di last hour; and as unadon hear sey di antichrist dey come, even now, wan whyne una. plenty antichrists don already show-face, naso we go take know sey na di last hour be dis.

19. Dem komot from among us, but dem no really belong to us. If to sey dem belong to us, dem for surely dey wit us; but as dem komot, e show sey dem no belong to us.

20. But una receive anointing from di Holy One, and una know everitin.

21. So I dey write to una, no be becos una no know di truth, but becos una know sey lie no dey for inside di truth.

22. Who be lair? Na di man wey no gree sey Jesus na di Christ. Dat kain man na antichrist—he no gree accept di Fada plus di Son.

23. Any-pesin wey deny di Son, no get di Fada inside am; any- pesin wey accept di Son, don receive di Fada sef.

24. Make sure sey wetin you don hear from di starting—still dey wit you. And if di tins wey you don hear from di beginning still dey inside you, you sef go dey inside di Son and inside di Fada.

25. And dis na di promise wey he promise us—everlasting life.

26. I don write all dis tins to warn una about those pipo wey wan whyne una.

27. But di anointing wey you receive from am—dey inside you, and you no need any-pesin to teach you. But as di same anointing wey be true and wey no be lie, dey teach you about everitin, kontinu inside am just as he don teach you.

To Live As Baba-God Pikin

28. And now, my pikin, kontinu to dey inside am, so dat wen he land, we go get full-mind, and shame no go catch us as he show.

29. Since you know sey he dey good, we know sey any-pesin wey do di right tins na hin pikin.


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