Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Proverbs 1

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Na Di Purpose Of Proverbs Be Dis

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  1. Dis na di proverbs of Solomon, David pikin, King of Israel.
  2. Dis proverbs go make you sabi wise, and sabi learn, to fit understand di yarnings of understanding,
  3. to sabi di teaching of wisdom, of justice, judgement, and how to do tins wit your church-mind.
  4. Dis proverbs go give sense to ordinary pipo, e go make young pipo sabi, and e go make dem cool down—reason life.
  5. Make wise pipo listen to sabi more-more, and make pipo wey fit understand—get guidance.
  6. Make dem sabi understand proverbs and parables, plus di yarnings and twist-tok of wise man.
  7. To fear Baba-God na di starting of knowledge, but mumu pipo dey fashi wisdom plus learning.
  8. My son, hear your papa word and make you no fashi wetin your mama teach you.
  9. E be like flower wey dem use make crown for your head, and chain wey dey make your neck fine.
  10. My pikin, if bad pipo dey make your eyes shuuk wit dia sweet-mouth, make you no send dem.
  11. If dem tok sey, “Come follow us, make we wait for pesin wey we go kill, make we hide for corner to waste
  12. make we chop dem alive like grave, like deadbody wey dem wan bury for pit.
  13.  We go collect beta tins from dia hand—con carry wetin we obtain go full awa house,
  14.  stay wit us, follow us, and we go share wetin we collect.”
  15.  My pikin, make you no follow dem, no waka pass dia way;
  16.  dia leg go put dem for wahala, and dem dey fast to waste pesin blood.
  17. Pesin wey set net as di bird dey look am, dey set di net in vain.
  18. Dis men dey wait for corner for dia own blood; and dem go kill demsef wit dia own hand!
  19. Naso pipo wey make dia moni wit bad way take dey kpeme; dat kain moni dey kill di pesin wey get am.
  20. Wisdom dey halla for street, she dey sing for village square;
  21.  she dey sing for front of street wey dem dey make noise well-well, she dey tok for di gate of di city.
  22. “My pipo, shey na like dis una go dey dey? How long mumu pipo go just dey tok and laff, and mumu pipo no wan learn anytin?
  23. Follow my teachings, I go surely pour my spirit give you, and I go make you sabi my words.
  24.  But as you con fashi me wen I dey call you, and no-pesin reason my mata wen I stretch my hand,
  25.  you bone all my advice, and you no gree hear me wen I correct una;
  26.  me sef go use you laff wen una palava start; I go yab you wen your yawa gas—
  27.  wen your fear come like strong breeze, wen scata-scata come like rolling-breeze, and wen palava and gbege full your head.
  28. “Dat time dem go call me, but I no go ansa; dem go fyne me taya, but dem no go see me.
  29.  As dem no like to learn, and dem no like to respect Baba-God,
  30.  as dem no gree hear my advice, con fashi everitin wey I dey tell dem.
  31.  So dem go chop di fruit of dia own way, and dem go belleful wit di fruit of dia own ideas.
  32.  Ordinary pipo dey kpeme becos dem turn komot from di right way, and mugu wey no wan gree grow go kpeme.
  33.  But any-pesin wey dey hear wetin I dey tok—go dey safe for where e dey stay, and he go dey secured—wit-out di fear evil.

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