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    Pidgin English & Pidgin English Bible

    Pidgin Bible or pidgin English Bible na di holy Bible wey dem translate to pidgin English. Even though dem get pidgin for plenty kontris, na Africa and Nigeria be di home of pidgin English. Dem get Ghanaian Pidgin English, Cameroonian Pidgin English, Gabon Pidgin, Hawaii Pidgin English, Nigerian Pidgin English and oda kind of Pidgin English for Africa and round di world, but Africa nahin dey speak Pidgin pass for the whole world, and Africans understand demsef well-well wit Pidgin English. Plenty languages brekete for Africa, nahin make we con sabi Pidgin English well-well. And di pidgin wey dem dey speak for Africa sweet well-well for mouth. Becos Africa get…

  • Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

    Proverbs 29

    Pesin wey no wan gree change afta plenty pipo don warn am—go soon fall, and notin go fit save am again. Wen righteous man dey rule, pipo go dey jolly; wen wicked men dey rule, pipo go dey cry. Any-pesin wey love wisdom dey make hin papa happy, but pesin wey get plenty ashawo as hin padi—go waste hin moni finish. Na wit justice king take dey maintain hin kontri, but king wey get longatrot for egunje go bring hin kontri down. Any-pesin wey dey whyne hin neighbour wit sweet-mouth dey set trap for am. Evil man sin go catch am like trap, but righteous man go sing and jolly.…

  • Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

    Proverbs 28

    Badbelle pipo dey run wen no-pesin dey pursue dem, but righteous pipo get-mind like lion. Kontri wey dey commit sin dey get plenty rulers; but man wey get knowledge and understanding go maintain di right tins. Poor man wey dey oppress poor man be like heavy rain wey dey scata farm. Those pipo wey dey fashi di law dey cut-cap for wicked pipo, but pipo wey dey keep di law dey change am for wicked pipo. Evil men no understand justice, but those pipo wey dey follow Baba-God understand everi-everi. Poor man wit clean-hand—beta pass bigman wey no get clean-hand. Any-pesin wey dey keep di law—na pikin wey get-sense, but…

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