Job Chapter 9

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Job Ansa

  1. So Job ansa, con tok sey,
  2. “I know sey naso e true-true be; but how man go fit pure for Baba-God eyes?
  3. If pesin wan drag mata wit Baba-God, he no go fit ansa Baba-God even once inside hundred times?
  4. He wise for hin heart, and he get pawa well-well; who don show hin cononut-head for Baba-God, con prosper?
  5. Before dem know, he dey komot mountains; and he dey turn dem wen he dey vex.
  6. He dey shake di earth komot from her place, and di pillar go dey shake.
  7. He dey command di sun, a di sun no go gree rise; and he go hide di stars.
  8. Na only him spread di heavens, and he march di waves of di big-river.
  9. Nahin make all di stars—di Bear* plus Orion*, di Pleiades* and all di group of stars wey dey for di south sky.
  10. He dey do ogbonge tins wey pipo neva see. Yes, and he dey do miracles wey we no fit count.
  11. See, he dey pass near me, and I no fit see am; he dey waka pass me, and I no fit notice am.
  12. See, he dey take tins and who fit stop am? Who fit tell am sey—‘Wetin you dey do?
  13. Baba-God no go stop to dey vex; di supporters of Rehab* wey dey feel-big—go dey under am.
  14. So who I be, wey I go try to ansa Baba-God, or choose words to reason wit am?
  15. Even though I get clean-heart, but I no fit ansa Baba-God. I only fit beg my judge.
  16. If to sey I bin call and he con ansa me; I for no believe sey he don hear my voice.
  17. He dey break me wit heavy-breeze, and he make my wounds plenty for no reason.
  18. He no let me breath, but he make my life brekete bitter tins.
  19. If na pawa I wan tok about—see, he strong well-well. If na justice mata, who fit carry am go court?
  20. If I prove sey I dey right, my own mouth go condemn me, if I tok sey I dey perfect, e go confam sey my way na bend-bend way.
  21. I dey innocent, but e no mean anytin to me—I hate my life.
  22. Both innocent and wicked pipo—all of dem na di same to Baba-God, nahin make I tok sey, ‘He dey scata both innocent pipo and wicked pipo.’
  23. Wen disease dey spread, he dey laff wen innocent pipo dey suffer.
  24. Di whole earth dey for wicked pipo hand, and Baba-God dey blind di judges eyes. If no be hin dey go am, who con dey do am?
  25. My life dey move fast-fast pass pesin wey sabi run. My life dey fly komot wit-out happiness.
  26. Dem dey waka pass like fast ships, like eagle wey dey rush go hunt.
  27. If I tok sey I go fashi my complains, to komot my sadness con calm down,
  28. I go still fear all di pains, becos I no sey you no go count me as innocent pesin.
  29. Since I be wicked pesin, why I con dey try in vain?
  30. If I wash mysef wit snow water, con make my hand clean pass before,
  31. but you go still throway me for gota, and even my own cloth go hate me.
  32. See, he no be man like me wey I fit ansa am, or so dat we go fit meet to settle awa mata.
  33. If only pesin dey wey fit settle awa mata, pesin wey fit bring us togeda.
  34. Make he carry hin punishment komot from me, and make hin fear no make my mind dey cut.
  35. Den I go tok, and I no go fear am, but no be so for me.


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