• Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 20

    Di Thousand Years 1. I con see one angel dey come down from heaven, he carry di key of di deep-pit, and he hold one heavy chain for hin hand. 2. He catch di dragon, dat olden days snake—wey be di Devil, and Satan, con tie am for one thousand years. 3. Di angel throway am for inside deep-pit, he close am, con lock am—so dat Satan no go play di nations wayo again, until di one thousand years don finish. Afta dat, dem go free am small. 4. I con see king-chair wey pipo wey dem don give pawa to judge—sidon put, and I see di souls of those…

  • Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 19

    Halleluya! 1. Afta dis, I con hear wetin sound like di noise of plenty- plenty pipo for heaven—wey dey shout: “Halleluya! Salvation and glory, and pawa belong to awa God. 2. Hin judgement dey true and correct. He don punish di ogbonge ashawo wey corrupt di earth wit her konji level [kerewa]. He don revenge di blood of hin servants for her head.” 3. Dem con halla again “Halleluya! Di smoke from her dey go up for ever and ever.” 4. Di twenty-four senior- men plus di four living tins fall for ground—dey worship Baba-God wey sidon for di king-chair. And naso dem h alla : “Amen, 5. Naso one…

  • Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 18

    As Babylon Take Fall 1. Afta dis, I see anoda angel dey come down from heaven. He get ogbonge pawa, and hin levels con make light shine on di earth. 2. He con shout wit loud voice: “E don fall! Di great Babylon don fall yakata! She don turn to di house of bad-spirit and joint where everi evil spirit dey stay, na prison for everi bad spirit, and cage for everi wor-wor bird wey no-clean. 3. All di nations don drink di konk highness of her anyhow- sex. Di kings of di earth don sleep wit her, and di market-pipo of di earth don make moni becos of her…

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