1st Kings

  • 1st Kings

    1st Kings Chapter 22

    Micaiah Prophesy Against Ahab For three years, war no dey between Aram [Syria] and Israel. But on di third year, Jehoshaphat wey be di king of Judah go see di king of Israel. So di king of Israel tell hin officials sey, “Abi una no know sey Ramoth Gilead belong to us but we no dey do anytin to collect am back from di king of Aram [Syria]?” So he ask Jehoshaphat, “You go follow me go fight against Ramoth Gilead?” Jehoshaphat ansa di king of Israel sey, “I be like you, my pipo be like your pipo, my horses be like your horses.” But Jehoshaphat still tell di king…

  • 1st Kings

    1st Kings Chapter 21

    Naboth Grape-farm Lata, e get one mata wey sup about one grape-farm wey belong to Naboth di Jezreelite. Di grape-farm dey for Jezreel, near di palace of Ahab wey be di king of Samaria. So Ahab tell Naboth sey, “Give your grape-farmer, make I use am take make vegetable garden, since di place near di palace. I go give you beta grape-farm, or if you prefer, I go pay you di moni for di grape-farm.” But Naboth ansa am, “Baba-God forbid sey make I give you my ancestors property.” So king Ahab go house wit vex and he no happy, becos Naboth di Jezreelite don tell am sey, “I no…

  • 1st Kings

    1st Kings Chapter 20

    Ben-Hadad Attack Samaria Now, Ben-Hadad wey be di king of Syria gada hin full army. Thirty-two kings dey wit am, wit horses, plus horse-moto, and he move, con round Samaria, and he attack am. He send messengers enta di city to Ahab wey be di king of Israel, and he tell am sey, “Dis na wetin Ben-Hadad tok: ‘Your silver plus gold belong to me, plus your best wives and pikin belong to me sef.’ ” Di king of Israel ansa am, “Just as you don tok my oga di king, me plus everitin wey I get belong to you.” Di messenger come again, con tok sey, “Dis na wetin…

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